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Membership Application Temple Shaaray Tefila 2023-24

Temple Shaaray Tefila welcomes you to our community. Please call (914) 666-3133 if you have any questions or need assistance with this form. For Questions about membership please contact Howard Greenstein,  Executive Director at hgreenstein@templest.org or 914.307.0467.

   ADULT MEMBER 1                                 

   ADULT MEMBER 1 - INTERESTS             

   ADULT MEMBER 1 - TALENTS                 

   ADULT MEMBER 2                                     

   ADULT MEMBER 2 - INTERESTS              

   ADULT MEMBER 2 - TALENTS                 

   FAMILY INFORMATION                              

if applicable

   CHILD(REN) INFORMATION                     

   CHILD 1 INFORMATION                     

   CHILD 2 INFORMATION                     

   CHILD 3 INFORMATION                     

   CHILD 4 INFORMATION                     

    OTHER FAMILY INFORMATION                


if applicable
if applicable

if applicable
if applicable

if applicable
if applicable

    YAHRZEIT INFORMATION                        

City where you grew up:

Childhood Temple:


Colleges/Grad Schools:


    HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US            

Being part of the Temple Shaaray Tefila family is a covenantal relationship. 

As partners in our community, we ask that you make a commitment to our community. 
. We ask that you and your family become part of our community by regularly attending services and participating in programs 
. We ask that you share your talents and ideas with our temple leaders and congregation 
. We ask that you pay all dues and fees in a timely manner and that you consider making additional financial contributions to the Temple in a way that is meaningful to you
. We ask that you agree to abide by the constitution and by-laws of the Temple

Your agreement below (in lieu of your signature) indicates your willingness to join and to become a partner in the Temple Shaaray Tefila community in accordance with the expectations above.

Additionally, you give permission for photographs, slides, videos, or audiotapes of yourself and/or child(ren) to be used for our website, public relations purposes, and promotion of Temple Shaaray Tefila and our school.

Checking the box below indicates your authorization.

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